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Privacy & Terms

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links as it’s a product I use and love. Clicking one of these links won’t affect you, but it helps me to offset the cost of my coffee consumption… which I promise to drink while creating more awesome things. Thanks for your support!

Most people think of privacy as our right. When we’re questioning whether our private info is being sold on the dark web, we feel threatened. And if you want to run a real business, you need to show your visitors you care about their experience with your brand. You need to show them you take their privacy seriously. 

Not to mention that the consequences of a security breach can be disastrous... and very, very expensive.

So, what is a Privacy Policy and why do you need one?

A privacy policy is a legal document that discloses the ways in which a website collects, processes, stores, shares and protects user data, the purposes for doing so and the rights of the users in that regard.

All websites interact with and collect data about their visitors in one way or another. A privacy policy is vital as it protects website owners and customers alike, while also ensuring that your website complies with legal obligations.

There is a template for this!

For incredible legal templates for your website, I highly suggest the Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy template from The Contact Shop. And, yes, these legal policies are GDPR and CaCPA Compliant!

Get down to business the right [aka legal] way.

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